Wake of the Storm brings new weapons, accessories, runes, and an instance to Aion EU

Oddly beautiful.

European players of Aion are facing the Wake of the Storm, which sounds pretty dramatic as update names go. Several of the patch’s features include new accessory Odians; the ability to craft runes; Paralysing, Silencing and Heavenly Vision weapons; six new legendary apostle transformations and transformation collections; and the five-player Ara Infernalia instance.

In addition to the new content, Wake of the Storm brings several changes like more powerful enemies and better loot in the Inggison and Gelkmaros battlefields, the ability to get ultimate gear from world bosses in every region, and an adjustment to the Raging Valley PvP battlefield that promises to take skill into account over equipment power.

More details can be found for this new update both in this website post or in the downloadable patch notes PDF.

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