Path of Exile outlines changes to Warcry skills coming with the next update


The march of adjustment details continues on from Path of Exile in the run-up to the release of the Harvest League. The latest forum post is about Warcry skills and what’s new and different with this line of abilities.

The adjustments to Warcries came about as the devs at Grinding Gear Games worked on a balance pass for the “slow but strong” playstyle. In general, Warcries should send out a taunting shockwave, beef up the player’s next attack, and apply some form of buff or debuff. There have also been some adjustments to how Warcry effects scale based on the strength of nearby enemies.

The post then goes in to a variety of specific details, sharing changes to existing Warcries like Enduring Cry, Intimidating Cry, and Rallying Cry, as well as a look at new skills like Ancestral Cry and General’s Cry. For PoE players who subsist on the nuts and bolts that GGG loves posting in these updates, you can get your fill on the forums. There’s also video footage below.

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