The Repopulation replaces whiteboxes with art and improves harvesting regions


The May/June update from The Repopulation is available for fans to read through and it’s once more chock full of steady yet incremental progress reports. Of note in this edition is the replacement of most of the game’s whiteboxes with art assets, which is thanks to continued layout input by players.

The update post also notes a variety of adjustments to various locations around the island, and a tune-up of the mainland is also outlined which is meant to improve existing content. The post also notes a fix for an error with harvesting regions which shrunk across the island — all harvesting areas should be back to their intended sizes.

All of these updates are due to arrive on Monday, June 15th, with the game’s next patch. Servers will go down at 10:00 a.m. EDT for approximately four hours in order to apply the update.


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If you take a look on the share price of IDEA FABRIK plc in Berlin you see that the heroengine company still haven’t found a solution for their financial issues. That is sad because the gaming industry is so promising and the technology behind heroengine is so promising as well. And repopulation is a possible multi million dollar game.


This was the first game I ever bought Early Access for.

At this point I feel the best thing to do is to just bury whats left of this games corpse and move on.


It’s been so long since I first heard about this game, that I have forgotten the initial feelings I had when I first heard about it.


I really wanted this game to come together… 5 years ago. How do they expect it to launch without crashing on takeoff? I want this game to succeed, I simply dont see how they can at this point.


Same, I bought it years ago because it was looking like a SWG succesor, but the continued development confuses me. There are 4 active players right now, and the last post by a user on their general discussion forum is over a month old. Even if the game is now fantastic (not that anyone would know), getting the player numbers for it to be a financial success seems very unlikely.

I’d love to know if there’s some legal obligation that’s keeping this thing going, with the way it got taken over by the engine creators, or if there’s really just a team of passionate developers who want to make this game.