Fallout 76’s public teams feature plans to make it easier to group up and gives bonuses for doing so

Fallout 76’s public teams feature plans to make it easier to group up and gives bonuses for doing so

While Update 20 to Fallout 76 is going to be missing a couple of features, the things that the update will introduce are being expounded on as promised. First up in the most recent dev post is the public teams system, which should help the survivors of Appalachia find groups to do things with much easier.

This new system is more than just an easy way for players to link up in four-person groups, though it does do that as well. Players who create public teams can choose one of six different goals, whether it’s hunting, events, building, exploration, or even roleplay, and everyone in the team will get an immediate boost to certain stats based on the goal selected by the public team leader. Players who stay in the team for a certain length of time will also become Bonded, which confers extra boosts to those specific bonuses. Better yet, the leader of a public team can switch the stated goal at any time.

The rest of the post announces the addition of multi-factor authentication for player accounts which is further detailed on the customer support website and shares a variety of stats for the past Fasnacht celebration event, just in case you like infographics.

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John Mclain

Pointless system, team goals and rewards are largely crap since none of them are actually focusable content. And the game still to this day no automatic shared xp in groups.


I’m confused… how is it a “better yet” that the team leader can switch the goal at any time? If I joined a team focused on building and the team leader switched the goal to “hunting” (or PVP or whatever) then I’d probably instantly drop the team. To me it seems like a way to abuse the matchmaking system. Set your team goal to whatever fills the fastest, then switch it over to what you selfishly want and try to coerce or bully everyone into not giving you a middle finger and instantly dropping the team for wasting their time.


Half the choices are near useless.

To focus on two of the useful ones, sometimes you do events that don’t spawn guaranteed legendaries so you use the event one. Sometimes you find a legendary out in the open or do an event that spawns lots of legendaries, so you change to the hunting one.

There is basically no way to coerce someone to stay in a group that gives event xp when what you really want is charisma.