New World unleashes a torrent of tweets all about swords


Sword. Swordy sword. Swoooords. Sword sword. Big knife. Stabby boy. Swordelicious. Oh, look at that, it’s sword time. Sword o’clock. Especially on New World’s Twitter account, which recently offered up several informational tweets about swords as part of its flip-through of its melee weapons.

According to one tweet thread, swords are a quick melee weapon perfect for close quarters combat but also apparently have long ability cooldowns somehow. They’re also the only weapon that allows the player to hold a shield because single-handed axes or maces are not a thing in the New World. For those who favor speed over reach, it sounds like swords are a good fit.

Over on another Twitter thread, players can get a look at some of the more sought after swords in the game, with a look at the different skins (not shapes, they all look literally the same) as well as how to get these swords and the benefits of having said swords. Other than the fact that you can slash things and can say “Beware, fiend, for I have a sword!”

source: Twitter
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