No Man’s Sky Desolation is live, sending players to explore spooky derelict ships


No Man’s Sky’s Desolation update 2.6 is live today, and where do we even begin? The patch notes are short, but there’s a ton packed in here: haunted derelict freighters full of loot and baddies and procedurally generated maps and stories, atmospheres that are trying to kill you at every turn, alien infestations, and apparently strobe lights. A lot of strobe lights. Players will be able to salvage tech from the abandoned ships to upgrade their own freighters – and yes, that includes sweet inventory upgrades. Your ship can get a dye job, too!

If you’re all about that eyecandy, definitely flip through the new pics; Hello Games is talking up the game’s new bloom lighting, lense flares, and volumetric lighting, and it actually looks gorgeous. It looked gorgeous before, too, but now it almost looks like another game entirely. “Weapon visuals, including crosshairs, muzzle flash, camera shake and projectile visibility have all been improved,” Hello Games adds.

Source: Patch notes
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