Albion Online previews Roads of Avalon’s treasures and tribulations


We’re back to talking about roads in Albion Online; as promised, Sandbox Interactive has posted another of its deep-dives into the Roads of Avalon system launching with the Rise of Avalon update in August. We’ve previously covered how the system allows players to travel across the world and venture out beyond the Outlands, though these fantasy wormhole shortcuts come with caveats – and dangers.

Today’s dev video covers the different types of roads players will encounter, from resource-centric roads guarded by elementals to treasure camps guarded by Avalonians. Some of the roads even lead directly to different types of dungeons.

“There‚Äôs a lot of valuable treasure and Fame to be found in the Wilderness of Avalon,” Sandbox says. “Some can be claimed on your own, but some is so valuable and difficult to acquire that you may want to tell your friends or guild about it. As the path you found to get there will probably disappear within a few hours, you’ll have to be quick to tell others, and if you claim valuable treasure or resources you’ll still have to safely bring them home or to the Marketplace.”


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