Rumor: The next Fable may be an MMO


Could the Fable series be heading in a massively multiplayer direction?

A blazing hot rumor is searing its way through the internets this week that suggests that the newest Fable game that is about to be announced won’t be Fable 4 but rather be an MMO.

French journalist @CronoTK appears to have inside information about the full lineup of Xbox Series X games — and “Fable MMO” is on that list. He tweeted that this PC and console Fable game would be “a game in the world of Fable. It’s an MMO (sorry, not Fable 4).”

All Microsoft has said about the game so far is that it would be “a completely fresh start” for the franchise. Multiplayer had already been rumored to be part of the feature set for this next Fable entry.

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