Rumor: The next Fable may be an MMO


Could the Fable series be heading in a massively multiplayer direction?

A blazing hot rumor is searing its way through the internets this week that suggests that the newest Fable game that is about to be announced won’t be Fable 4 but rather be an MMO.

French journalist @CronoTK appears to have inside information about the full lineup of Xbox Series X games — and “Fable MMO” is on that list. He tweeted that this PC and console Fable game would be “a game in the world of Fable. It’s an MMO (sorry, not Fable 4).”

All Microsoft has said about the game so far is that it would be “a completely fresh start” for the franchise. Multiplayer had already been rumored to be part of the feature set for this next Fable entry.


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Given how Forza Horizon works (Playground’s other game series), I’m sure we’ll end up with something that has plenty of multiplayer but isn’t actually an MMO.


As much as I would love it as an MMO, I think something like this would probably be better.


Fable set in the “Age of Heroes” would be pretty cool to see and would be a perfect fit for an MMO. Would take Fable back more to its roots of the fantasy stuff before it weirdly went into like an industrial tech with fantasy/magic setting.

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agemyth 😩

Most likely this is going to be something not-so-Massively like Destiny. The easiest way to get an idea of what the online component of the game will be is to look at the four previous Playground Games games, Forza Horizon 1-4. They build giant open worlds for people to drive around in while being dynamically “phased” in with a bunch of other people who are also driving around the world. You can interact with the players if you want or you can just let them passively populate your world to make it feel alive or whatever.

Take that formula and apply it to a cheeky British humor filled action RPG and you have a good idea of what the new Fable game is. That is a much safer bet for Microsoft’s money as well because I don’t think anyone is actually asking for a Fable “MMO” in any traditional sense.

Personally, I want to be *the* Chicken Chaser, not one of dozens of chicken chasers in a crowd.

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The teaser trailer was horrifying lol


Curious to see how this turns out. I seriously doubt that it’ll be an MMO, but if it is then this is good news for the genre with another big franchise entering.

I will admit, I didnt enjoy the previous fables too much. I liked the art direction and had a few good moments, the combat felt quite weighty iirc. However, the world and the games felt far too small and there just wasn’t much to do a lot of the time beyond endlessly speaking to others.

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Even if it just has some elements of an MMO like group play, I would be okay with that. If it’s only an MMO though they are setting themselves up for some serious blowback from people who played it before, similar to people who played KOTR when SWTOR came out.

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If you can’t change things at least as much as previous games then that’s a big ol’ F. Fable isn’t appealing enough otherwise. Now, other players, even groups amongst some, I don’t know, multiverse Fable network, joining your world or you join theirs? Eh, that can be fine. Going beyond couch coop into network coop could be a blast.


Game trailer on xbox reveal looks great it is around end. Avowed is a new mmo upcoming shown at beginning looks interesting.


Avowed is not a MMO. It’s a single-player title from Obsidian, akin to the style of Elder Scrolls and set in the same setting as ‘Pillars of Eternity’. Obsidiam literally is not big enough to handle developing an MMO–especially when they’re already developing multiple projects. The closest thing they have is ‘Grounded’, which is a survival game that can be played single or multi-player.


I stand corrected, from what I saw it would a great game to have multiplayer I hope they would consider adding it. I think Stalker 2 is more exciting anyhow.

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Can’t make what made Fable good work in an MMO. The setting/world itself is nothing special.



Strike one: Unlikely to work.

Strike two: What’s the point?

Strike three: XBox One

…I’m not sure they’re even trying to make these games work anymore. /sigh


A big part of Fable was how your actions could change the world around you. I’m not sure how they keep that aspect with an MMO, or rather I’m skeptical that a AAA studio would spend the resources making that kind of dynamic sandbox.