Seed’s Klang Games answers player questions about gameplay mechanics

Seed’s Klang Games answers player questions about gameplay mechanics

A broad variety of player questions regarding gameplay and mechanics were picked up and answered in what can be best described as a sort of video AMA from Klang Games, the developers of the colonization MMO Seed, with a few details about a number of systems.

One of the questions confirmed that player colonies can craft weapons, which could mean that a Seed nation could effectively specialize in weapons manufacturing. Incidentally, players can hire other Seedlings for help with jobs like joining a construction company and even pay them for work, which could be beneficial since Seedlings have a variety of skills. While we’re on the subject of crafting, the video offered a general rundown of Seed’s tech trees.

The video also confirmed that a market system will not be in the first release, though the devs are considering how best to apply an economic system; one idea is to have markets exist on a local level, requiring players to haul goods from one market to another manually and potentially open their own trade routes. For now, colonies are about survival.

Another question was asked about whether Seedling behavior would be affected by where they came from, and the devs confirmed that the environment a Seedling is born in could have an effect on traits — Seedlings born in an agriculturally-minded colony will likely have more robust stats regarding manual labor, while those in a scientific colony will have more science-leaning attributes.

Those are just a few of the answered questions. The complete video is below the cut.

source: YouTube

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