IKEA Taiwan recreates a catalogue’s offerings in Animal Crossing New Horizons


In what is probably one of the most creative and surprising bits of synergy between gaming and the real world, a Taiwanese branch of IKEA has managed to recreate its catalogue’s offerings in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, cobbling together pages from the store’s catalogue into in-game versions of themselves.

The showcased decor is almost shot-for-shot accurate to the real store’s offerings, though some creative license had to be taken with some items due to Animal Crossing’s limited furnishing styles compared to the variety shown in the catalogue. Even so, the recreations are close enough that it makes almost no difference, and in some cases they are staggeringly similar. The folks running the IKEA Facebook account even took it one step further by sharing a photo of a little in-game IKEA store.

If you need a moment of brain bleach, the gallery of images below is absolutely worth your time. And hey, maybe you’ll be actively inspired to improve your own Animal Crossing space!

source: Facebook via Kotaku
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