TERA Battle Arena spotlights several heroes and a boss from the upcoming Battle Arena MOBA


What’s a MOBA without heroes to control and bosses to fight? A wholly non-existent game, that’s what, and TERA’s in-development Battle Arena MOBA side piece will absolutely feature both. And if you don’t believe me, then you can look at a spotlight post for yourself. Unless you really thought a doggo dual-wielding wrenches as weapons is something I would create.

Wrench Puppy actually has a name (it’s Pasesyn) and is featured among several other pre-made characters that players will be able to control in Battle Arena. The spotlight not only offers pictures and names but also a quick look at several of each character’s abilities. There’s also a peek at a field boss, Avion the Azart Tank, which is a literal mechanical tank that will dish out high damage to players while also defending foes. Taking down this mechanical monster will earn players a special mask along with several unique rewards for landing the killing blow.

If all of this sounds a bit confounding, you might want to read up the synopsis for the upcoming MOBA. Or you can just read more about Wrench Puppy.


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Jeremy Barnes

Did someone not tell them the MOBA fad is dead and we’re on to Battle Royale’s now?