TERA announces ‘team-based battle mode’ called TERA Battle Arena, launching in 2020


So here’s a press release I wasn’t expecting to get in my inbox today: En Masse MMORPG TERA is apparently rolling out a “team-based battle mode” called TERA Battle Arena later this year. My first thought was that this is was just a typical MMO PvP mode with an attention-grabbing name, but on closer inspection it looks more like a MOBA with premade heroes, attached to the TERA client rather than to the game itself.

“En Masse Entertainment, a player-focused publisher dedicated to delivering great games and great service, today announced TERA Battle Arena, an all-new team-based battle mode coming 2020 on PC. In TERA Battle Arena, players will control Heroes drawn from the TERA universe with each hero having their own unique skill sets and abilities. Additionally, players will also be able to customize their heroes with runes and cosmetic items. TERA Battle Arena will be available as a free download for PC players with the TERA client.”

The press release says the game counts “just under five million players on console in North America, the EU, and Japan since it launched in 2018 and over 9 million players in North America on PC for over 8 years,” for the record, so pitching a sideloading MOBA at all of them doesn’t seem like the worst idea, even if it’s odd timing.

The trailer for the new mode is down below.

Source: Official site, press release
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