Astellia Online grants an ‘ultimate buff’ for its first birthday


It’s already been a year since Astellia Online launched here in the west, and anyone’s first birthday is a cause for celebration. If it’s a kid, that usually involves a messy consumption of chocolate cake, but for this MMO, it involves turning on the buff hose and letting it spray everywhere.

“We truly thank all Astellians who have helped Astellia grow to this day,” the team said. “As a token of our gratitude, we have prepared a buff event to help everyone grow as well.”

From now through the 20th, Astellia is increasing Zender gains by 10% and allowing for free teleportation and resurrection. From the 22nd through October 13th, a different buff package will go into action: more MC experience, faster MP and HP recovery, and an increased drop rate.

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