Fortnite celebrates the third birthday of Battle Royale with challenges and free goodies


Happy birthday to Fortnite! Specifically to Battle Royale, aka the primary mode of the game now. It’s been three years, and the folks at Epic Games are eager to celebrate the milestone with a birthday bash that introduces birthday challenges to earn rewards like a Wrap, Spray, Emoji, XP, and a Back Bling. There’s also a free emote for everyone who plays between now and October 1st, while the island will have Birthday Presents to find and in-game cake to nibble.

The celebration is also extending to Save the World with a Princess Castle set of prefabs and props. Incidentally, there will be a building contests for players who use these new props where the winner will have their creation used in an official Box Fight esports tournament. The contest runs between now and Tuesday, October 6th, so those who like to build arenas for players to shoot at one another in should get started.


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I’m guessing the Save the World anniversary got some free loot llamas or something in comparison. At this point it seems like Battle Royale’s had more PvE content added to it than StW.