Co-op roguelike ARPG Darksburg has officially launched on Steam

Co-op roguelike ARPG Darksburg has officially launched on Steam

Just in case you missed the report from earlier in the month, allow us to remind you that as of last week, Darksburg officially left early access and released its full 1.0 version as of last week.

Styling itself as one of the few cooperative roguelike games out there, Darksburg sees players in teams of up to four trying to survive a zombie outbreak as they battle through procedurally generated maps with one of five pre-made characters, each with passives and skills that can be improved to build that perfect team synergy.

The game’s original launch price is $19.99, but as of this writing it’s offering a 50% discount on Steam that runs until Monday, October 5th. Glancing at the game’s user reviews sees it at a “Very Positive” aggregate, with many players touting Darksburg’s mesh of ARPG, roguelike, and MOBA gameplay while others are calling the amount of content slim, with only a few levels and a boss; one review claims to have beaten it twice.

sources: press release, Steam

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Sounds interesting, but based off of the reviews I can probably tell why it’s 50% off. Apparently it’s very lacking in actual content, and the replayability comes with repeatedly increasing the difficulty and progressing through that method. So $20 definitely seems a bit too steep if that’s the case.

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Shiro Games? I love Evoland 1/2, and this is only $10? I’m into it, hoping my brother will be into it too, he’s a big ARPG player and has been into Hades quite a bit lately.