ArcheAge Unchained tweaks ArchePass mission cap, players rock out to Metallica


For those who mainline chase the ArchePass objectives in ArcheAge Unchained, your grinding life has gotten a whole lot better. A forum post has announced that the weekly cap for daily missions for the ArchePass will be raised from 12 missions to 20, starting on Thursday, October 29th, for the Season 5 ArchePass. Furthermore, the Season 6 ArchePass will feature the same adjustment.

“We’ve read your concerns regarding the amount of time it takes to complete the ArchePass,” reads the post. “We appreciate the feedback that you have provided so far and are working on ways to improve the ArchePass.”

This is cause for celebration, yes? Maybe a little musical number? Then have an in-game band covering Metallica’s Unforgiven II, featuring Extremely Well-Dressed Violinist and Drummer with a Sloth Backpack. Because that’s a thing that happens in ArcheAge now.


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