Lineage 2 Revolution’s Anthara’s Rage ‘expansion pack’ brings new scenarios, characters, and content over the next three months

Oh, hello there!

We’re in the age when MMOs forget what an expansion pack is, apparently, and while Lineage 2 Revolution is calling its next content releases an “expansion pack,” it’s also at least three months’ worth of content instead of… well, you know.

The so-called expansion pack is called Anthara’s Rage and it promises original scenarios, characters, and in-game content over the course of the next three months, including four new character types to collect and a 25-player giant boss fight against the titular Antharas.

Starting today, there will be two new servers to celebrate the content launch, with new characters built on these servers starting at level 320 and three million combat power, as well as a boosting event to help characters hit level 445.

source: press release
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