Anthem offers a look at Javelin skill trees, build customization, and Artifacts in a dev blog


It’s been some time since the last dev blog came out of the rebooting Anthem, but BioWare studio director Christian Dailey is back with a fresh post that’s all about customizing your Javelin by way of skill trees, mods, and Artifacts.

Effectively, Mods and Artifact slots will be replacing Components, while all characters will have one primary and one secondary weapon to allow for distinctiveness in their roles. Mods will introduce improvements to Javelin abilities, contributing to an overall build of selected mods, equipment, and abilities. And speaking of abilities, those are unlocked via a new leveling tree, along with passive abilities and stat boosts. Furthermore, once a Javelin’s base tree is leveled up, it can follow one of three playstyle-specific specializations, each with its own advanced skill tree with spec-specific abilities and unlocks.

As for Artifacts, those will be Javelin-agnostic, like the Ranger’s rocket pod being replaced with the Skyfell Launcher Artifact. These Artifacts can be customized as well with parts that can be equipped, while those equipped parts could contribute to a powerful passive ability generated by the Artifact.

Of course, all of these design choices are work-in-progress and so nothing is final as of yet. But as it stands now, climbing into your favorite robotic battle suit is looking to be filled with more choices than before.

source: BioWare blog

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Mods etc do not sound much different from how they were. The spec trees are a nice addition though.

Mechanically I never really had an issue with Anthem, it played fine, its only issue was a lack of content. I don’t think they necessarily needed to re-invent the wheel for the game, but rather just make more story and things to do for it.


I didn’t like having to constantly deconstruct the same trash loot that was clearly worse than I had equipped, but agree that wasn’t the fundamental problem with Anthem

Malcolm Swoboda

I send these updates to a friend so he can rant hate about it.