Apex Legends studio Respawn projects a firm anti-crunch stance

I blew things up!

“We don’t do crunch here” is the “ethically sourced whale blubber” label of the games industry — and it’s one label that Apex Legends’ Respawn is proud to wear.

Apex Legends Game Director Chad Grenier pushed back against some complaints that the game’s development has slowed down as of late. In response, Grenier said that he isn’t going to work his team to death:

“We refuse to crunch the team. So we’ll probably be slower at making content than if we worked 15-hour days, but that’s just not something we’re willing to do. We have nearly doubled our team size since launch to accommodate the content demands, so we’re really trying to bring you quality content at a healthy pace.”

If that isn’t enough to give you warm fuzzies toward Respawn, perhaps you’ll feel more charitable toward the studio when you hear that it’s taking action against exploiters. And not just any exploiters, but ones that used a glitch to allow high-ranked players to go up against lower-ranked players in order to farm points.

And this is neither here nor there, but it is totes adorbs:


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Bruno Brito

Did it had any crunch when the game launched? Because this stance is easy to take after the brunt of the work is done.

Emiliano Lozada

I don’t think so. There wasn’t much betting for it and there was no marketing for it either. EA just tossed keys out into the wild and though it would be forgettable. Causing the drastic shift post-launch.

It’s been a stance since Day 1 from what I recall since a lot of community was using Fortnite’s update schedule as a way to show how slow Apex is.

Bruno Brito

If that’s true, color me impressed.