Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition gets a battle royale mode as part of its anniversary update

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition gets a battle royale mode as part of its anniversary update

It looks like the multiplayer RTS Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition is joining the battle royale party. As part of the game’s most recent update celebrating its first anniversary, there’s now a battle royale mode that pits eight players against one another.

In battle royale, players start with only a few units under their command and must roam one of five new maps to find and capture military and supply buildings that grant resources to bolster their army’s ranks. However, players can capture their opponents’ buildings if they overwhelm those buildings’ defenses, and there’s the usual battle royale wrinkle of a slowly shrinking map that destroys everything as it constricts.

Of course, battle royale isn’t all that’s being done to celebrate the RTS title’s first year. There’s also a multiplayer Quick Play feature, a number of in-game tasks for anniversary rewards, and a host of updates to multiplayer and the game overall. More information can be read in the latest patch notes.

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every one gets battle royal mode it´s the new video game pandemic. Just like moba damn fad where every one wanted in on the cake. Stop destroying good game with shit that 80% of the time is half-assed just because you want it out fast just to bring in a few more coins in sells.

Fine if you did a age of empire battle royale spin off like Heroes of might and magic battle chess royale.

Rodrigo Dias Costa

I mean, it’s a free new game mode over the game you already own. Even if it’s the maligned Battle Royale, it’s not like anything was lost, except maybe some development time that probably would go to… developing another kind of game mode.