Fallout 76 looks back at 2020 with recaps and stats, shares a calendar of events for the first quarter of 2021


As December continues to draw to a close, the developers of Fallout 76 are looking back at the past year’s efforts in the most recent dev blog. As one would expect, the post lauds the wide variety of updates made to the multiplayer title, not the least of which being the big Wastelanders update, the arrival of a public test server, and the One Wasteland update. It also has an infographic with a variety of stats like the most nuked location, the most popular Asylum nurse color, and the amount of Wendigo teeth harvested, and spotlights several community creations.

The post closes out with a nod to the recently released update, which has added the third season’s Scribe of Avalon scoreboard. It also offers up a small calendar of events for the first three months of 2021, with dates for several in-game events and upcoming updates like Pip-Boy menu changes in January and a loadout feature for SPECIAL in March. You can check out that calendar below for more specifics; click on the image to expand it.

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