Asheron’s Call 2 died 17 years ago, then came back, then died again, and here we are


On December 30th, 2005, Asheron’s Call 2 was shut down – the first time. That was 15 years ago. And then, without warning, seven years later, the game was brought back to life on December 13th, 2012… only to die again five years later, this time with its predecessor on January 31st, 2017. And unlike AC1, which has multiple thriving rogue servers you can find via RedditAC2‘s community hasn’t been able to return to that version of Dereth, the game’s fictional setting.

MMO blogger Wilhelm Arcturus recently asked whether there’d been any update on the games’ ownership, but everything we know about the Daybreak buy-up of Standing Stone Games several years ago says that Warner Brothers’ Turbine – not its spin-off SSG – retained the trademark and copyrights for the franchise. Turbine was still demonstrating ownership over the IP in 2017, and so far as we know, it’s behind some of the C&Ds we saw in years past too.

I’ve personally contacted WB Games several times over the course of the past year in regard to my own Asheron’s Call-themed Animal Crossing island, but the company hasn’t issued any updates on the franchise. I’ve previously described how the original games’ Shard of the Herald event was not only historic but something modern games like Guild Wars 2 and Elite Dangerous have taken notes from. AC2 also had its share of GM events, but its lack of popularity means said events were poorly documented. One can only hope that someone will revive the IP for an Asheron’s Call 3 – and if we had our way, Chris “Stormwaltz” L’Etoile would be handling the lore once again.

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I remember a friend telling me about it. We installed, logged in and was playing and having a blast. The next day it was gone. So sad.

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I would pay good money to even have access to an offline emulator with dev rights so I could run solo. Love love love AC2.

Etharion Ethie

Funny that this should come up now of all times. I was reminiscing recently over my days as a premiere Tumerok loremaster back when the game was active. I don’t remember a single bit of it! But I do miss my tonk; you don’t see many games try to make a playable species that isn’t a human with funny ears or horns. Nor do I blame them really. Time and money have shown again and again that glittering beautiful humans are all most people really want to play. I’m the exception and I realize that.

The game was flawed as hell. It was terrible at balance and a pain in the arse to play my way (solo around others), so I never got all that far level-wise. I was having too much fun flinging bees at people or just soaking in the atmosphere.

In spite of that, Asheron’s Call as a series was my first entry into graphical MMORPGs as we now know them and I have fond memories of the meteor that destroyed beta. I’d be lying if I said I held any hope of seeing anything new from the name again; it’s been a long time and even if something new were to come out, it would bear little resemblance to what nostalgia likes to lie to us about (for better or for worse).

Thanks for the memories, Asheron’s Call.


Loved the game, very unique classes and it did a great job of getting players to work together.


Terrible, terrible game.

May it rot forever in the pile of other dead, bad games.


First MMO I ever played, before really knowing what an MMO was. I remember running around with some guy questing as we both went for mobs. I thought to myself, “thats a real person!” I was blown away.

I remember not being able to login and someone telling me you need to apply the patch. Manual patches. Nostalgia.

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*sniffles* Opening up the AC2 wound still in my heart. Would love to see an emu.


This. Somebody, please! :(