Check out one of the oldest Asheron’s Call players… in all senses of the word

Call and answer.

The impending shutdown of Asheron’s Call is outright sad news. It’s an old title with a lot of strange elements, the likes of which haven’t really been seen again. A new video by YouTube user We Sleep Talk shows off a subtle side of the human cost, however; it’s a video of the user’s grandfather, who has been playing the game since 1999 and now multiboxes two separate characters for the game.

Maybe you never played Asheron’s Call, maybe you played it and didn’t like it, or maybe you know next to nothing about it. It’s still touching to see someone this invested in a game, a game that he’s made distinctly his over the nearly two decades of its operation. It’s a funny, sad, and touching tribute, and you can watch it down below.

Source: Reddit; thanks to Pyreal Troll, George, Porcula, and SockMafia for the tip!
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