Pantheon recaps 2016, explores vertical grouping dungeon Amberfaet


“2016 was a formidable year for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen and its fans,” Visionary Realms declares in its latest newsletter, which includes two chunks of interest for readers this week. The first is a run-down of 2016’s best moments as chosen by the team; they include revised pledge tiers, multiple class and race reveals, convention presence, new staff hires, the massive August AMA, and the big Twitch streams that demoed gameplay for players, including the most recent one in December (though the March pre-alpha reveal stream was VR’s favorite).

Moving into 2017 proper, the Pantheon team has posted a dev diary on Amberfaet, one of the old strongholds of the Dwarven race that’s now a group-centric dungeon bedecked in treasure and boss fights as well as crafting tools. “If the capital city of Khadassa is a sun to their people, then Amberfaet is a dark moon cast adrift by dueling gravities,” it explains.

“Probably the most distinctive difference would be the non-linear, vertical dungeon design. It is a sprawling, icy maze that goes up, up, up. The Climbing skill will play a big role in the ascent and exploration of the area, and we think players will really enjoy getting “off-rails” in such an expansive and dangerous environment. […] Once finished, the zones should comfortably support 80-100 people.”

Source: Newsletter
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