Star Wars: The Old Republic celebrates Life Day with snowball throwing and Wookiee hugging

What could possibly be more Star Wars-y than hugging a Wookiee for the holidays? That’s a rhetorical question, obviously, and it’s just one of the missions that players of Star Wars: The Old Republic will be forced to do during this year’s Life Day event. The poor dears.

“Special Missions like ‘A Special Snowflake’, ‘Parcel Droid’, and ‘Could Use a Good Hug’ are available during this limited time. Throwing snowballs and participating in these Missions will earn players Snow-Covered Parcels, redeemable for unique rewards. Get out there, throw some snowballs, hug some Wookiees, and most importantly, have fun!”

Wookiee hugging, snowball throwing, and a variety of free rewards like seasonal mounts, Stronghold decorations, Holo-Trees, and character titles among other goodies. What’s not to love? Life Day will run between now and Tuesday, January 5th, so there’s plenty of time to experience the magic of Life Day. And the unique experience of hugging a mega tall shag rug creature.


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