The Repopulation further talks up inventory and storage refinements, announces plans for mini-wipes


Yup, it’s another update post from The Repopulation all about inventory. Inventories are now being handled by the same backend system, removing duplicates and using a single code for the container types rather than the various codes that previously existed. The game’s engineer has also worked to improve GUI containers, which promises to bring faster development and better performance.

Beyond the load of technical details regarding inventory refinement, the latest update post further talks about difficulties being faced to upkeep old and new systems at the same time. In the interest of making things easier for Repop’s engineer, players should expect six partial or mini-wipes spread out over several systems revamps and new system implementations. The need for these wipes is being touted as a benefit, letting the devs develop, test, and push updates faster without the need to balance both old and new systems simultaneously.

The post further talks up upcoming features in the next patch like new inventory expansion bags, new overflow, and of course improved storage and banking. Because there was a lot of work done on that front.

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