Closers’ latest roster addition Cheolsu will hit new level heights and get swanky new clothes in next update


He’s got “bad boy” scruffy hair, a dangerous yet alluring face, and if the image on the announcement post is anything to go by, a terrible sense of trigger discipline. He’s Cheolsu Kim, the latest member of the Closers roster, and this coming Wednesday, January 6th, he’ll be getting an upgrade.

The next update to the action MMO will see Cheolsu promoted to a Resolver, which includes a level cap raise to 88, access to content like the Busan story arc and Ancient Dragon historic sites, and a host of new skills. In addition to the new level cap, there will be special events for Cheolsu between January 6th and 20th with daily login rewards to collect and Gunpowder gatherables from dungeons that can be used to craft a new Resolver costume for the character.

The update is expected to arrive shortly after maintenance on January 5th, so those who enjoy their game of Closers with desperately pretty pistol boys will have something to look forward to.


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