Star Stable is debuting an animated series on YouTube January 16


Who here wants to watch some apparently magical horse adventures? No, I’m not asking you to watch My Little Pony, I’m actually referring to an upcoming animated series from the horse-centric MMO Star Stable, which is set to premiere on YouTube this coming Saturday, January 16th.

The series, titled Star Stable: Mistfall, follows the adventures of Skye Rowan, a young girl who “navigates a tragic accident, a mysterious island, a magical horse, a fateful friendship, and an epic adventure.” The entire series is comprised of ten five-minute episodes, all of which will be premiered during a 90 minute-long debut event that also plans to feature a live music performance and interviews with the voice cast and Emmy Award-winning screenwriter Alice Prodanou of Hotel Transylvania and Inspector Gadget fame.

It’s all set to go down on Star Stable’s YouTube channel, but those who are curious can get a brief rundown of the series on the official site and check out the teaser trailer below.

source: press release

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I’ll be watching it since it’s free and I enjoy SSO already! Not 100% sure if it’ll be too “mystical” for my taste but I’m looking forward to finding out.


I hope it’s well written. I’m not the target audience, but it’s always nice when something turns out to be “surprisingly good for a kids show.” I just wish being good was the default, rather than “it’s for kids, who cares if it’s stupid? Just make sure to mention the names of this year’s action figures fifteen times per show.”


This doesn’t surprise me. Star Stable has a pretty sizable audience with the young to preteen audience of girls. One of my younger cousins used to tell me for hours at a time about her stable and all of her horses and their names and such.