Star Wars Battlefront 2 makes the Kessel run to freedom


Launching in 2017, Star Wars Battlefront 2 brought high-stakes conflict to gamers who both loved the Star Wars IP and shooting things in the face (there’s a large overlap, there). EA pushed out 25 patches for the game before declaring it content complete in 2020, although it’s still running the servers and hosting plenty of matches every day.

And all of this can be yours next week, as the Epic Game Store is going to be giving Star Wars Battlefront 2 away for free as the next weekly promotion. Considering that it’s settled down from its very controversial launch, it might be a good time to check it out if you wrote it off a couple of years ago.

“We’re transitioning to a phase where the servers, in-game challenges, recurring events such as double XP and more, and game support will carry this broad and rich Star Wars gaming experience into the future,” EA said last year.

Source: VG247

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