Road Not Taken developer Spry Fox is hiring for a new ‘non-violent’ MMO


A while back on Twitter I mentioned that my family is big into Alphabear, which is not an MMO, of course, but instead is one of SpryFox’s many multi-platform puzzlers. You’ve probably heard of a few of the others, like Road Not Taken and Triple Town, since they’re popular even on PC. So we are we talking about them here? Apparently, Spry Fox is building something more in our wheelhouse now: an actual MMO.

The news comes by way of a new job posting on the studio’s website. In fact, the company’s been hiring for a while for an unannounced game; previous job openings sought a dev with “a love of nonviolent worlds filled with both awe-inspiring outdoor spaces and intimate village life” a dev who “loves cozy games (i.e. cute, but broadly appealing; not necessarily kiddie).” But this weekend’s posting flat-out calls it a “non-violent MMO project” and includes a “sneak peek” pic of a cartoony vista with players helping each other scale a cliff. It seeks candidates with experience working on shipped MMOs and Unreal, offering “the opportunity to work on a game unlike anything that has ever been made before, with (among other things) meaningful goals to improve people’s lives and reduce toxicity and loneliness in the world.”

So how much of an MMO is it? Well, it’s worth noting that Spry Fox also calls its shooter Steambirds Alliance an MMO (a “massively-cooperative bullet-hell shooter”), so a traditional fantasy themepark dungeon grinder is probably not the order of the day here either. Given the description, we suspect the unnamed MMO might have more in common thematically with another upcoming Spry Fox game, Cozy Grove, which hails from the Animal Crossing/Stardew Valley corner of the genre – but of course, that one’s single-player and clearly boasts different graphics from the Unreal title, and it’s due to launch in the next few months, so it’s not the same. Whatever this new MMO is, it’s going to be one to keep an eye on.

Source: Official. Thanks a bunch, Morgan!

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Thanks MOP, anytime ;) The more I look into this the more intrigued I am. Spryfox was co-developer of Realm of the Mad God. Apparently they’re using Unreal and that header pic is a “A sneak peak”. I am getting massive Worlds Adrift vibes from that pic. In all honesty I only play WoW as a nonviolent mmo so this could actually work for me.

Jon Wax

Playstation Home kinda did this. It was ok. Having a ton of people in your”house” for clan meetings was cute.

Why has nobody ever created an Olympics style mmo? Pick your sport, train, qualify, win, hate mail? Region lock it and let folks rep their country? Just omit all the combat sports?


I would play any MMO i like if it had no combat, these games usually have none of the myriad other activities MMOs have, they are usually very dull “games” with very little to do.


I would love a community building and trading game done well. Could be the perfect MMO between hack and slash MMO’s. Had no idea about Cozy Grove, shame it is singleplayer.

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Peregrine Falcon

I don’t believe that an MMO without combat is going to go well.

I don’t have any actual evidence of this though. If only we had a recent example of a “non-violent MMO” to base a decision on.


It can go well. An MMO without combat would be just something like what people do in large cities and housing areas in PvE MMORPGs like FFXIV, or games like VRchat – just hang out, talk, use emotes. And there are plenty of people who do this already. Even in WoW lots of people do this on servers like Moonguard in Goldshire. Thing is, you can already do these kind of things in existing MMOs, so why would anyone play the new one unless it offers something really unique? Unless they just want to make a more kid-friendly version, without any kind of sexually suggestive outfits or any kind of sexually suggestive talk allowed in game.

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Star Stable is an MMO without combat and doing very well. Lots of people are in clubs and do group activities (since no combat, they instead do racing, dressage, RP and ofc everything social).
Granted it’s not a big MMO compared to the Big Five and the chat system is still bad, but even so it’s very active even 12 years after it came out. Would love to see more non-combat focused MMOs but generally it may be too niche to omit combat completely.

James Balmer

Second Life blew up as a non-combat MMO, then we have the likes of Playstation Home and VRChat. Book of Tales looks like a promising no-combat MMO set to release this year, like an MMO version of Journey (a multiplayer non-combat game.)


Star Stable, A Tale in the Desert, Puzzle Pirates?
Heck Vanguard’s Diplomacy and crafting features were full blown games on their own. Free Realms gathering, animal training, crafting minigames and housing feature collection was great as well.