New World’s latest alpha update touches on rapiers, food, and crafting


New World alpha testers are in for some fun this month as Amazon Games Studio is rolling out its test patch for January, and this one’s focused on the upcoming MMO’s crafting system.

“We’ve made major changes to increase the number of items players can craft and added additional functionality to the crafting system,” Amazon writes. “The main goal for these changes is to keep crafting and gathering relevant through end game, while adding more depth, a new interface, and more interesting choices in the crafting system.” It looks as if players can look forward to new crafted named items, rare and typed mats, new recipe unlock methods, a level 200 craft cap, and an overhaul to the procedural crafting system meant to “give players more control and flexibility over custom crafting.”

The update also introduces the rapier skill, gobs of unique weapons and armor pieces, better repair mechanics, hefty tweaks to the food mechanics, tweaks to elite enemies, improved visual models for some mobs, and adjusts enemy AI. You can read the whole set of patch notes over on the official site.

Source: New World
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