Lord of the Rings Online’s latest update has broken the patcher for older OS users — here’s how to fix it

DiD yOu tRy UniNsTaLLiNg?


This news is for those players of Lord of the Rings Online who are playing the game on a PC running Windows 7 or earlier. With the launch of update 28.3, players on older OS’s are experiencing some inability to update their game clients. Standing Stone Games is aware of this and has put out some workaround instructions.

First, players are being instructed to uninstall and reinstall the client. This might sound like it will take some time, but the post assures players that the game launcher was recently updated to make this process faster. If you’d still rather not go through that process, then there is a file that can be directly downloaded and installed to the main installation folder. The post offers a download link for this very specific .dll file.

These workarounds are available to players in the meantime until SSG puts together a more permanent fix, which is expected to release in a few weeks (yes, weeks). Until then, you’ll have to follow these steps if you want to experience the continued inanity of the LI grind.


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Bango on Laurelin

And today we have another 6 hour outage….

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Java Jawa

Yup – definitely uninstalled

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. . . . 8 months ago.

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Paragon Lost

Ugh, why would someone be playing or using for that matter an older OS. The only time i’ll accept that is when a corporation/government uses an older OS which is far to common, though still not acceptable. In that case of course it’s usually out of your control whereas having a personal system it’s not hard to keep updated on OS.