Genshin Impact’s new Xiao character is live today for Lunar New Year


As promised, Genshin Impact has officially released version 1.3, which was set to bring a new character and a Lunar New Year event among other things. Now that the update is live, there are some patch notes to scour for some more details.

On the subject of the Lunar New Year event, aka the Lantern Rite, the notes provide in-depth details on how it all works. Players will be tasked with completing requests in Lantern Rite Tales to earn Primogems and increase Festive Fever, which will in turn unlock new stages of the event quests. Raising Festive Fever also holds hands with other unlocks, such as access to the Theater Mechanicus point defense minigame and additional maps, challenges, and difficulty levels, or earning the ability to select from one of three 4-star characters. The Lantern Rite event runs between February 10th and February 28th overall, though there are specific dates for certain stages.

Version 1.3 also adds some more login goodies, adds some new weapons, tasks players with snapping target photos for a variety of rewards, and introduces the Parametric Transformer gadget that lets players convert enhancement materials into character XP materials, character leveling materials, and weapon ascension materials.

Finally, the update has brought the five-star anemo-aspected Xiao, a rather moody little fellow with all sorts of slick moves. That much has been demonstrated in a new video showcasing the character, which we’ve embedded below.

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