Genshin Impact celebrates the Lunar New Year and adds a new character in its February 3 update


It’s a new year and a new upcoming update arriving to Genshin Impact on Wednesday, February 3rd. Specifically, the Lunar New Year, which in-game is celebrated in Liyue as the Lantern Rite and brings an event with sidequests, a variety of food stalls in Liyue’s streets, activities unique to the holiday like an all-new tower defense strategy game, and the actual Lantern Rite ceremony itself.

It’s just not a new update to Genshin Impact without a new character and this one is no different as Xiao, a five-star polearm-wielding Anemo user, will arrive along with a quest where players can accompany him during the Lantern Rite festival.

There will also be a number of events like a login campaign that rewards 10 free Intertwined Fates, several festive events that will reward resources like 1,600 Primogems and a Crown of Insight, and the opportunity to choose one free 4-star character from Liyue to add to player parties. Finally, additional features such as expanded Archives, some new profile screen customization, and a Parametric Transmuter gadget that lets players change excess resources into “something useful” are also coming with the update.

source: press release

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Malcolm Swoboda

With the chosen 4star, I’ll be only like 1 away from catchin’ them all.