Genshin Impact fans have built a scale model of the city of Liyue Harbor


How much of a fan of Genshin Impact are you? Are you the sort of creative person that makes fanart of the game? Maybe you write fanfiction? Or are you the sort of fan that decides to spend hours building a scale model of one of the game’s major cities? Because that’s precisely what some Chinese fans of the game did, and they even filmed the whole matter to share in video form.

The video showcases a scale model of Liyue Harbor lovingly recreated from study of the in-game city. According to Kotaku, the entire model’s creation took 1,000 hours worth of effort, which is further outlined in the video along with a look at how the fans put together the video shoot to showcase the model. The video is from Chinese video sharing site Bilibili, so obviously it’s in Chinese, but in spite of the language barrier the model’s showcase and creation is an astonishing video to watch. We’ve got it embedded for you after the cut.

source: Bilibili via Kotaku

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This wasn’t so much a “fan” project rather than the work of a professional 3D modeling and film CGI studio.