Rogue Company and Paladins release new seasons with new characters and battle pass rewards


Hi-Rez Studios’ games are all about those battle pass-filled seasonal updates and the latest updates to both Rogue Company and Paladins are no different. Both multiplayer hero shooters have launched some new seasons with new characters and new seasonal reward tracks.

In Rogue Company, the game’s first official season sees the arrival of Kestrel, the titular group’s founder who has returned from her retirement. Kestrel sports two new automatic weapons and can unleash self-driven rocket-firing drones with her active ability, while her passive ability sees her earning more cash when taking down targets and her Resupply perk causes eliminated enemies to drop a supply kit which refills all purchased Gadgets. As for the game’s first battle pass, players can unlock 50 cosmetic items with even more goodies available via the premium pass that costs 1,000 Rogue Bucks.

In Paladins, players can enjoy(?) playing as Yagorath the Devourer, an ever-ravening, acid-spewing, extradimensional worm… thing. Yagorath’s abilities change whether she’s planted or rolling around, and has a variety of talents that heal herself, improve her acid-spitting attacks, or provide shields and faster movement speed for those who stay near her. The new season also introduces a season pass that offers some unique skins for characters, while the rest of the update has new chests, gold skins for Terminus and Jenos for those who reach Mastery level 50 with those characters, a variety of new rewards for ranked play, and some balance updates. Details are available in the patch notes.

sources: press release, Paladins official site

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IronSalamander8 .

I’ve not played Yagorath yet as I tend to play Inara, Raum, or Khan when in a tanky mood and people were locking her pretty quickly in matches since she was released last week. Vora, her harbinger, was released late last year and I really like her. I don’t play flank all that often, but she’s really fun to play.

I’m about 2/3 of the way through the current battle pass. I really wish they’d give skins to more champions instead of giving some of these characters more skins when they have a ton. I really like Lian and Khan, but neither needed more skins. Jenos’s skin just doesn’t work for me (and I hardly play him), and Koga’s is ok but not a character I play much either.


Shes fun af, tankier than Raum. haha

Bruno Brito

Saw a lot of people playing her stationary. Feels like she’ll just eat hp% damage easily.