Magic Legends offers compensation for missing battle pass items, addresses performance and monetization issues


(This post has been updated at the end with the promised announcement about monetization and performance feedback.)

Magic Legends might be calling its current version an open beta, but since it is offering things to purchase like a premium battle pass, it’s more like a soft launch, and one thing you don’t want to see when you’re buying something in-game is missing items. That appears to have been the case for a couple of items in Legends’ Battlepass Premium and Battlepass Premium Plus offerings, but thankfully the devs have acknowledged the matter and are seeking to make things right.

Specifically, the Ral Zarek’s Vestments and the Dawnbringer’s Armor costume sets were not present in the aforementioned battle passes, so the items were replaced with the Izzet League Adept and the Benalish Ceremonial Armor costumes. Purchasers of the Premium and Premium Plus passes will receive these items automatically, as well as 1,000 ZEN as a form of compensation for the switch up.

As for what will happen with the rest of the game, a separate post promises that there will be “an in-depth announcement […] about what’s coming soon” for Magic Legends as well as assurance that the devs at Cryptic are working on changes based on feedback. “We truly love to see all this passion and enthusiasm coming from our players, and we want to make sure that we are delivering the best game experience possible,” reads the post.

source: official forums (1, 2)
The dev blog from Stephen Ricossa is up now; he says that the team is making “tuning adjustments on the server side” to address map load, among other tweaks for performance issues that players have been experiencing during the soft launch. Cryptic and PWE are also addressing monetization complaints.

“One other area of consistent feedback has to do with monetization. I first want to thank our players for the feedback and spirited discussion. A big part of Open Beta is developing an understanding of how best to provide valuable content to players – and we hear you. The Dimir Assassin class unlock (and the Nightveil Stalker spell) will now also be unlocked at level 50 of both the Free and Premium Battlepass tracks, so that all players can access this class entirely through gameplay. We’re looking forward to hearing more of your feedback, and are committed to working with you to continue to refine monetization further.

“In addition to this feedback we’ve received, I also wanted to address the Currency Exchange. To account for our earliest players, the Cryptic team does a one time seeding of 1 million Aether into the exchange so that users could immediately use the Currency Exchange. Without that, the exchange would be all but unavailable until the community built up their own supply. The 1:385 exchange rate was selected because this is ultimately what we gathered from available data in our Closed Alpha tests, and once this supply is exhausted, the exchange will operate entirely on the Aether supplied by the community.”

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