PSA: Skyforge is giving away free sub time to all PC players for MY.GAMES’ birthday

The hills have eyes. And mouths, and hands, and punchy personalities.
Skyforge players, or would-be Skyforge players, MY.GAMES is celebrating its birthday, and like any good games studio, it’s giving you presents for the occasion. Specifically, that present comes in the form of a blanket code that every PC player can apply to grab seven days of sub time.

“To celebrate, you can redeem the code MYGAMESANNIVERSARYSKYFORGE via your Profile to enjoy a free 7-day Premium Subscription (available on PC only)! A Premium Subscription boosts your rewards for completing missions, and also provides other special bonuses.”

Do note that the code expires June 4th at 6 p.m. EDT, so you’ll need to apply it sooner rather than later. Some MMOs are pretty stingy about bonuses like this, even in compensation for their fiascos, so this is a nice gift indeed.

“To all the heroes who heeded the call to adventure, to our studios who breathe life into awe-inspiring new worlds, and our partners who help us create unique gaming experiences: thank you!” says the company.

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