Among Us outlines plans for more players, more colors, and more features in a roadmap


The popular multiplayer deception game Among Us has lots of plans for new content according to a recent video roadmap. In no particular order, according to the video.

Leading off the list is a new Hide & Seek mode that appears to operate about the way one would expect, followed by the addition of Sheriff and Scientist roles, some new colors and skins like Maroon, Coral, and Banana as well as several new visor cosmetics, the addition of achievements, and a fifth map that has the barest possible preview image. After that, “maybe we’ll even take a nap,” the video states.

A development post offers additional details, with further announcement of 15 player support in the game’s next big update, account linking between platforms to let players bring their cosmetics from one platform to another, and the promise of new ways to play and a launch on consoles at some point; the devs at Innersloth can’t tell fans when that will be yet.


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