Conqueror’s Blade begins its eighth season, this one focused on China’s Tang Dynasty


MY.GAMES has pushed out a new season for hybrid action MMORTS Conqueror’s Blade today as promised – its eighth to date. It’s called Dynasty, and it offers a new map, new Pike weapon class, and new units, all set against the backdrop of historical Chinese warfare.

“Inspired by the real history of the Tang Dynasty – whose near 300-year rule brought a cultural and cosmopolitan golden age to China – Season VIII: Dynasty features an anthology of stories across a new Campaign, spotlighting crucial moments in time that gave rise to the mighty Qian Dynasty,” MY.GAMES says. “Players can discover these legends as they traverse Longting, a new starting region influenced by the ancient lands of East Asia, and its capital – the thriving metropolis of Hao Jing, a huge city where players can meet in peace away from the battlefield.”

The studio notes that the Pike weapon class brings the total of playable classes to 12, and yes, the latest battlepass is live now too, with “over 100 levels of Premium rewards that can be earned including the spectacular Wrathful Emperor Hero Attire, Shadow Legion Unit Attire, Iron Warrior Hero Attire, new Emotes, weapon skins, and more.”

Source: Press release, official site
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