The Cycle’s next alpha opens up player quarters for the first time


We’ve had our eye on The Cycle since at least 2018 now – it’s a PvEvP survival shooter MMO-like that was meant to hit Steam last year. It didn’t. But it did get a new release window of Q3 this year, and this week, it opened sign-ups for another closed alpha (labeled as closed alpha 2, and yes it’s under NDA) through both Steam and EGS.

“The test will be running from July 22 until July 27 and we’re excited to collect all your feedback about the game so far,” studio YAGER said. “This Alpha Test has a specific feature scope and not every feature is going to be enabled. The test is primarily aimed at the core gameplay, there are likely to be game breaking bugs and errors. All progression will be reset at the end of the test. Please be aware that this iteration of the game is purely meant for testing and feedback and if the aforementioned issues reduce your excitement for the game, then it may be better to wait for a later test closer to the final released product.” Here’s what the game is promising during this phase of testing:

• “Drop in alone or as a squad of 3 Prospectors. Safety in numbers as they say!
• First weapon attachments to help you customise your favourite guns.
• Access to the player quarters for a first look at what they will have to offer.
• Reworked monsters of Fortuna III including the apparition of the terrifying Marauders.
• A new storm, now fiercer, louder and deadlier. Watch the skies!”

YAGER does say that past alpha participants are already included in this round of the test; newcomers can join through Steam and EGS (hit the “request access” button).

Source: Twitter, Steam

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I don’t think they are going to launch in Q3 based on this, but Tencent becoming a majority owner of Yager should be good news for the game.

Rob Hagaman

“…Tencent becoming a majority owner of Yager should be good news for the game.”



Tencent has vast resources and before that announcement, bluntly, the game wasn’t getting much attention, development was (as is usual with games, admittedly) getting delayed. It would probably have died an early and little noticed death. Now it will have a good chance.