Bungie Day 2021 is being marked with a charity drive, a free emblem, and a Destiny 2 preview event on August 24

Destined even further.

Yesterday, July 7th, was the start of Bungie Day, the fan-crafted celebration that was born from the publisher/developer’s fixation with the number seven, and this year’s Bungie Day is promising plenty to celebrate especially in regards to the studio’s looter shooter Destiny 2.

Top of the list is word that there will be a preview of coming attractions for the game on Tuesday, August 24th, where Bungie will be sharing “exciting news about the future of Destiny.” In the meantime, fans are being incentivized to help donate to the Bungie Foundation’s Giving Campaign by handing out a unique emote, Ghost shell, and emblems for donating certain dollar amounts. The goal: to reach $777,000 (there’s that number seven again) by July 20th.

The studio is also calling out to fans to share their best Bungie-related memory — whether it’s in regards to Destiny or not — in video format for “something special in the future” as well as fanart for a community art show, while the Bungie Store is having a sale on various pieces of merch. If you’d rather get something for free, however, you can also redeem a code for a free Spicy Ramen emblem — you know, the one that caused people to argue about dataminers.

source: Bungie.net
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