SEED’s latest dev blogs discuss ghost homes, noisy neighbors, clouds, and persistence


It’s becoming something of a regular task for us to keep pace with the deluge of dev blogs coming out of colony management MMO SEED, so in the interest of keeping up with that task as well as following along with the game’s development, here are some of the latest posts:

  • We first start off with a blog that’s all about persistence, which discusses the variety of things the devs at Klang Games need to pay attention to such as not overwhelming players with alerts to game world events when they log in and onboarding new players to the game.
  • Next, we have an example of a Seedling being a bad neighbor to other Seedlings, which incidentally demonstrates indoor effects and area effects and how they can change the mood of nearby Seedlings — in this case, loud music.
  • The sky of SEED is full of clouds, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the sky itself since all players had seen was shadows from clouds but not the actual clouds themselves. Mercifully, that’s being fixed.
  • The bug of the week post is all about ghost houses, which apparently is caused by the degradation of house parts themselves. However, when things degraded to a certain point, they simply disappeared without a trace. Insert X-Files theme here.
  • Want to live in a city? The devs have shown off art for the larger towns.
  • Finally, followers of SEED’s development can have their say on whether they think these dev blogs are of interest by taking a survey.
source: official site (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
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