Allods Online opens a tournament server for team vs. team battles as qualifiers begin today


What’s a summer vacation if you don’t come out of it with bloody knuckles, a busted nose, and a pressing need to make a dental appointment? An uneventful one, Allods Online says, which is why you totally need to grab some friends and get into a scrap with the MMO’s new Blood Tournament.

Open on a special server near you, the Blood Tournament throws pre-made teams of three against each other using standardized characters: “The tournament server has just been opened, giving you a chance to create characters, train, and prepare for the upcoming battles! The earlier you start, the more chances to be among the 16 lucky ones who will continue to fight for the main prize after the end of the qualifying round you’ll have.”

The first qualifiers are taking place on July 20th – that’s today – with two more batches this week on the 22nd and 27th, and the bigger bouts to follow next month.


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Bruno Brito

The fact they’re doing this on a clean server because their normal server is completely ravaged by the P2W plague makes this hilarious.

Also, i wonder how many people will show for that.