Elyon says it’s trying to be ‘clear and transparent’ about its cash shop


A game’s cash shop by any other name will attempt to suck all of the money out of your wallet, even if it’s being dubbed an adorable “Ruby Shop.” That’s the moniker that Elyon is giving to its upcoming store, at least.

Kakao and Bluehole said that they want to be “clear and transparent” with what this MMORPG will be selling in its shop, which is why Elyon posted a list of all of the offerings that you can buy (once you exchange your money for “rubies,” that is). The studio said that it’s stripping out a confusing “gears” currency that the Korean version uses in addition to rubies.

Some of the purchases mentioned include inventory slots, dye unlocks, month-long buffs (which function as a subscription), pets, cosmetic-only outfits, emotes, mounts, and combat assist pets. There’s also a “loyalty system” that gives players free loyalty currency every day that can be spent on certain items.

Elyon recently announced that it will be launching in the west early this fall.

Source: Elyon
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