Elyon outlines equipment and gear enhancement, opens pre-download for CBT2


The video series all about the systems in Elyon continue with a look at equipment and enhancement. Equipment comes in one of five tiers from common to legendary, and each piece of gear has stats, a number of slots that represent how many times it can be enhanced, a random effect in some cases, and a rune slot.

As for enhancement, that system can confer boosts like better stats, more rune slots, and upgrade an item’s tier. Every item that is uncommon or better can be enhanced with enhancement stones, which also have their own grades. Using these stones from epic grade and up does have a chance of failure, though there are golden enhancement slots that improve success rates. Failed enhancements can either be removed or progress can be reset using items earned from gameplay. Items can also go through an enchantment system that adds a random additional stat and additional damage to certain types of monsters. As for upgrading gear to a better grade, that requires upgrade stones that are earned from dismantling rare items.

In addition to gear grades, equipment can be either Normal or Breakthrough, the latter of which have better raw stats and unique passive effects. Characters can only equip a certain number of Breakthrough items based on their level, and Breakthrough items can only be equipped to begin with starting at level 35. Enhancing Breakthrough gear has a chance for the item to break, shattering into a fragment currency that ca be used to craft temporary equipment or purchase items that change equipment stats.

Lastly, there are accessories that confer a positive and a negative effect, which have their own whole enhancement deal that requires players to combine two similar accessories in order to either boost the positive effect or reduce the impact of the negative effect. Accessories can also go through the same enchantment process detailed above.

Pre-downloading for the second closed beta is available as of this afternoon.

source: Youtube
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