Aika Online announces a September 15 sunset date


In this latest episode of “I didn’t even realize that game was still running,” Aika Online is finally closing its doors after over a dozen years of operation. Publisher T3Fun announced that it’s sunsetting the game on September 15th, saying that “this isn’t a decision that [it] came to lightly.” No reason for the closure was given.

However, Aika Online isn’t going out without one last party! T3Fun is running a couple of events from now until the closure date, giving out free rewards and activating a triple experience boost for the duration.

Aika Online was developed by HanbitSoft subsidiary JoyImpact and released back in 2009. It’s main focus was providing a stage for large-scale PvP “Nation Wars” that would take place over territory and castle sieges. As MMO Fallout notes, the game’s effectively been in maintenance mode since 2018.

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