Cloud Imperium says ‘there’s NO place for racism in the Star Citizen community’

Studio bans backers for racist chat


Several members of the Star Citizen community messed around and found out. The story begins with a plea to CIG to introduce a profanity filter to the game’s general chat in order to battle back against hate speech and profanity. “A simple filter to catch the worst and often illegal explicit language should go without saying,” reads the post. “I think we need optional language filters.”

Predictably, this elicited several responses that equated adding chat filters to policing speech or would be tantamount to wider censorship. This leads to a Star Citizen organization known as Mandalorian Armed Forces (MAF), several of whom were found tossing flagrantly racist language around in-game and in Discord (links are NSFW due to aforementioned racist bile).

As of yesterday, it would appear that those members of MAF got their just desserts as CIG completely eliminated the backer accounts of several players who were part of the org, including those whose names were caught in screenshots. The action has been almost universally lauded by players and followers, with the OP of the banned names thread writing, “With the shots fired, those people should now go back into hiding and keep their opinions for themselves.”

With that said, the matter is not entirely quelled, as one player is asking CIG whether this isolated incident will be a moment for the company to do better or just ignore the matter, which has predictably elicited some unfortunate replies, but it also brought forth one of the devs:

“First and foremost, there’s NO place for racism in the Star Citizen community. We have a zero-tolerance policy and take these types of reports very seriously. To be even more candid, behaving in such manner is a quick way to get yourself removed from the community entirely.”

It should be noted that there are currently no announced plans for the profanity filter that was asked for from the off.

sources: Reddit (1, 2, 3), official forums thanks to Cotic and Mothb for the tip!
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