Discord introduces new moderation tools for chat channels

The MOP community has been discussing moderation in MMORPGs quite a bit this week, and now here comes Discord to add another angle to...

The Daily Grind: Do you expect MMO studios to moderate in-game chat?

Last week, a reader emailed us in frustration over in-game harassment going on in Elder Scrolls Online during Pride month. The reader's guild is...

Cloud Imperium says ‘there’s NO place for racism in the Star Citizen community’

Several members of the Star Citizen community messed around and found out. The story begins with a plea to CIG to introduce a profanity...

Xbox’s Phil Spencer elaborates on community controls in the works to make Xbox Live less toxic

Jean-Paul Sartre's play "No Exit" provided us with the phrase "Hell is other people," and if you've dared to leave your mic or chat...
That's not good, no.

Anthem’s Reddit cracks down on ‘aimless’ criticism

How dire is the situation surrounding BioWare's Anthem these days? It's so bad, apparently, that the community reddit has taken to drastic censorship to...

Reddit’s gaming hub has shut down for April Fools’ Day, but it’s no laughing matter

While the gaming world is busy punking each other with goofy stunts and pranks, /r/games has shut its doors. Don't worry, internet trolls; it's...
Someone won.

Epic’s Tim Sweeney on the Epic Games Store, self-publishing, and proper moderation

Epic Games found itself in a spot of hot water recently when it was discovered that its Epic Games Store was pulling users' Steam...
Stop being a JERK.

Overwatch semi-pro finals will require chat participants to link their accounts

Gosh, it's really hard to get people to stop being screaming monsters on Twitch chat, huh? Blizzard has been dealing with this problem with...
No, our wholly predictable problems!

Valve bans a toxic Dota 2 pro after his team takes insufficient action

Herein lies the problem for Valve running Dota 2: The company doesn't want to actually provide any rules or guidelines or moderation for the game's...
No, you can't be quite this evil.

Valve has finally decided to start moderating its Steam forums cesspool

Steam's forums are notorious throughout the gaming industry for being truly awful. Journalists across the industry have been pestering Valve for almost a year...

Creative Assembly’s Grace Carroll speaks on fighting toxicity with active moderation

Anyone who's been on the internet for more than a few minutes knows how quickly forums and comment threads can quickly descend into toxicity...
It's not our department.

The Daily Grind: What obligations do studios have to provide a griefing-free MMO environment?

There's some interesting stuff to be unpacked in a recent analysis of Conan Exiles that characterizes it as replete with griefing, racism, sexism, and general unmoderated...

Valve elaborates on trolling policy amid moderation criticism

This past week's announcement by Valve stating that the company would not moderate or vet games that it sold except for ones that were...
Let the wrong ones in.

Steam’s new moderation policy is even less of a moderation policy than before

If you have learned nothing about Steam, you have probably noticed that Valve is actively disinterested in moderating, curating, or really interacting with the...
No, you can't be quite this evil.

Hate groups are getting deleted from Steam… if they’re overt enough

It's fair to say at this point that Steam is an enormous part of the PC gaming market. It's also fair to say that...
Of course, the really ideal situation would be if some people could find a different hobby.

Twitch adds AutoMod system to stop nasty comments before they post

Streaming stuff can be pretty darn cool. We're fond of our own streams, just by way of example. But no one likes having stream...

Not So Massively: Top 10 most surprising NSM stories of 2015

Back in 2011, our former corporate overlords at Massively-of-old noticed that games like League of Legends were getting pretty damn popular and asked us to work...
Sometimes a ship is just a ship.

LEGO Universe died on the sword of dong-detecting software

Give another human being a creative tool with the instruction to make anything, and odds are that first creation is going to be some...
Rated a really good decision in an internal poll.

EverQuest II explains Rum Cellar pricing

Are you ready to head down into a cellar, get some rum, and become the lord or lady of rum in EverQuest II? Because...