PSA: Aion Classic is handing out a three day-long subscription bonus to all players this weekend


Are you enjoying your time in Aion Classic but not enough to buy the buff-granting subscription? Then you’ll probably want to know more about a weekend-long giveaway that’s handing out the same buff that subscribers get for free, at least for a limited time.

From now until Monday, August 23rd, all players can claim a free Siel’s Aura from the Quna Shop. This three day-long aura effectively grants all of the benefits that subscribers get — 100% XP gain, the ability to collect Kinah, Essence Tap items, and all rarities of items in open world play, the ability to get AP rewards from quests, and the ability to trade with other players and private shops.

Once the Siel’s Aura freebie is claimed, the clock on those three days begins to tick down, so players are going to want to get in on the promotion while the getting is good.


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Shame they messed up the economy from the start with the candy debacle. Hope those playing enjoy the event though.